10 of the Weirdest and Strangest Dog Laws by State Part 2

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Dogs are one of the most beloved creatures on the face of this planet. We feed, groom, and train them like they are our own children. And as with any kid, they can grow up to be spoiled brats and get in all kinds of trouble. That is why the best and the brightest lawmakers in the country came up with different laws to keep these canines in line. Here are 10 of the strangest dog laws by state and other weird animal laws in the US:

1. In Oklahoma, people who make “ugly faces” at dogs may be subject to fines and/or jail.

dog making faces

Making ‘ugly faces’ at dogs could land you in hot water. We don’t know for sure how this law started, but we are betting some drunk guy riled up a dog by making unsavory facial expressions and probably got attacked. This is one Tiktok challenge you would not dare to try in OK. 

2. In Madison, Wisconsin, dogs are not allowed to ‘worry’ squirrels in the public park next to the capitol.

dog and squirrel

If you are a squirrel that is fed up with being harassed by dogs all your life, then it might be a good idea to move out to Madison, WI. Just make sure you pick a spot near the public park next to the capitol. It is illegal for dogs to worry you in that exact location.

3. Dogs with tattoos must be reported to the police in Connecticut

dog and tattoo

In Connecticut, it is a law that you must report a dog with tattoos to the police. Probably because it’s cruel and violates various animal protection laws. Our twisted sense of humor can’t help but imagine gangster dogs though.  

4. Dogs need a permit signed by the mayor to congregate in groups of 3 or more on private property in Oklahoma

groups of dog

If you are a dog in OK who wants to meet with other dogs to discuss cats, squirrels, the mailman, and other doggie business you would need a signed permit from the mayor. We suggest using Zoom or Skype instead to avoid the paperwork.

5. It’s against the law for couples to make out or hold hands while walking a dog on a leash in New Castle, Delaware

couples kissing with a dog

It’s a bad idea to show any kind of public display of affection to your significant other while walking your dog because it might become jealous. Kidding aside, our best guess why this law came to pass is because some careless couple was busy smooching when their dog got loose and got into some kind of accident. Be more responsible. 

6. French Poodles are forbidden from attending the opera in Chicago, Illinois

dog opera

Bad news for poodles living in Chicago who have a penchant for the opera: you are not allowed to attend a show. There’s probably a good and logical reason why this happened, but we all can take consolation in the fact that there’s a thing now called YouTube.

7. It’s illegal to give lighted cigars to dogs in Zion, Illinois

dog cigar

Illinois has a history of having crazy specific and weird dog laws. Why would you give a cigar to a dog? If you’re in Zion, IL and you want to give your dog one just make sure it is not lighted or the neighbors might see and report you.

8. You’re not allowed to give alcohol or tobacco to any animals (including your own dog) in public parks in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

dog and alcohol

Here in Tuscaloosa, you cannot give any animal a cigarette or tobacco (lit or not) as well as any form of alcohol. We support this law. Alcohol and other substances might do damage to your beloved pet and violate animal rights.

9. No person is allowed to sleep in a dog kennel – Wallace, Idaho

person in a dog kennel

Times are hard and some folks are devoid of shelter, but why would you want to sleep in a kennel in the first place? It’s uncomfortable, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous. Regardless of what you feel about it, it’s illegal in Wallace, ID.

10. In Glendale, California, one may not take his dog on an elevator with him

dog elevator

Elevators are scary even for some people. It’s literally a metal box going at rapid speeds up and down a building. Your dog could get claustrophobic or dizzy or just plain terrified. Better take the steps or just leave your pet with a sitter.

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