Is He Here Yet? Husky Reunited With His Best Friend

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Huskies are some of the most beloved dog breeds out there, from their beautiful coats to their very passionate and loud howling, these dogs are some of the most adorable dogs to watch. Oftentimes they don’t even seem like they realize how big they are! Sometimes it even seems like they don’t know what their age is with how enthusiastic they are and how full of boundless energy they are. Especially if they’re with their favorite people and even their favorite animals. 

This video is one such story and if this doesn’t get you to love huskies then I don’t know what will!

Meet Key, full name: K’eyush. He is a husky/malamute cross with a big sense of humor, a lot of energy, and a really smart pup to boot. He even has his own YouTube channel where you can see all of his wild and wacky antics, tricks, and other shenanigans — yes, dogs do shenanigans all too well.

While Key’s many skills and talents can make him stand out, he’s still just like every other dog out there when it comes to the people and animals that he’s really fond of. At the start of the video, you can see Key lying on his side just minding his own business. Just lackadaisically hanging out with his favorite hooman, and having a good sleepy time. But the moment Key hears his best friend’s name he perks right up!

From lying down with no energy in one second to standing upright and at full attention and all because he heard his best friend’s name! Throughout the video you see him bounce around almost instantly and you can see him stare out the window excitedly. 

He even spends most of the time waiting by the door now that he knows his best friend is coming and he’s even real quiet when he does it. The only other thing that gives away how excited he is the fact that his tail is wagging a lot while waiting. He goes from listening intently for the sound of cars passing by to barking loudly with excitement (is this the dog version of pacing?). Then, the moment Key gets a whiff of his friend Sherpa coming in he’s already ready to break through the door and see him!

Sherpa has not even gotten anywhere near the door, yet you can already hear the loud husky howling that we’re all very familiar with. Sure, it can be really loud and huskies can get rather annoying with how loud they are sometimes but you can’t help but feel happy when you hear the two of them start howling for each other through the door.

 As a person who has a lot of friends in faraway places, I can certainly relate to how Key feels in this video. Missing and wanting to see friends isn’t exclusive to us humans. This video shows us how heartwarming and very human it is to see how dogs can feel that similar longing when we haven’t seen someone in forever. Or how they can feel just as much excitement, if not more so, when they finally get to see who they’ve been missing.

Almost immediately Key can tell who it is at the door by just his smell and the moment that door opens for them to see each other you can tell it’s going to be chaotic and especially loud real soon and it just melts your heart to see these two reunited for Christmas.  After howling in the living room, you’ll see them start running and playing in an open field together and nothing shows just how happy Key is than by how many times he flips around Sherpa.

Now it’s not much of a Christmas vlog without presents and this video just has that as you can see the two of them start opening gifts with their teeth. Key even gets a fluffy toy sloth for Christmas! Isn’t that nice?

Make sure to watch the video below!

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